Photo Tex™ - the material magical decals are made of

Photo Tex™ is a synthetic fabric-paper, specifically designed to create safe, removable and easy to place decals and wallpapers.

Wait, what? What is a fabric-paper? Well, instead of going through a lengthy explanation, it is enough to say that this material combines the best qualities of both paper and of fabric, and then some.

For example, this video shows several of the wonderful qualities of Photo Tex™: it is easily placed on a wall or any other flat surface, with no need for any special tool or a paid professional. This adhesive material can then be easily removed, only to be placed again, and again, and again! Seriously: this video, for example, took 10 takes to shoot, so that we could choose the best one to post on Youtube. All takes were shot with the very same decal of Groccoli the Dragon.

The best part: after sticking it onto the wall 10 times, crumpling it and reapplying it to the wall, the decal remain in tact: there are no creases, no air bubbles, no tears and the adhesive is as strong as it ever was.

Photo Tex™ with its adhesive property, is as gentle as it is strong: the wall which we used for the video shooting wasn't damaged in any way. Although we cannot account for each and every wall in existence, we can safely say that the decals will not hurt the wall if they are removed from it over and over again.

Photo Tex™ is a wonderful material, originally designed for huge promotional walls, in exhibitions, to cover building walls and billboards. It can withstand extreme temperatures and humidity: you can paste it on your external walls and in your bathroom. Photo Tex™ does not contain any PVC, like other self adhesive media (Vinyl stickers, for instance), so it is environmentally safe.

What we, at g!animo, do with this wonderful material, is simply use it for smaller wall decorations, instead of covering large area. This is the hardest part of working with Photo Tex™: making character cut-outs. This is a hard-to-tear fabric, so we need to make sure that the cutting is done properly and that each decal can be easily removed from the sheet. We hope you enjoy our decals, at least as much as we enjoy them.

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