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The ViKids

How many times had Knut’s dad, Rurik Redbeard, told him not to play on the clan’s longboat?  
“This boat is a ruthless war machine, not a playground for kids!” he had boomed over his second breakfast, just that morning.
Unfortunately for Redbeard, the Viking kids of the Crotchety Clan thought it was the perfect playground. With ropes to climb, rigging to swing on and sails to slide down, what Vikid could resist?
Was it Knut’s best friend Blyn or maybe Freya or Snorre who stumbled on that rope, letting the longboat drifting far out to sea and heading towards unknown adventures? Certainly, nobody noticed until the Viking village was just a little blob on the horizon.
‘We’re in so much trouble,’ cried Panikk, panicking, and going even paler than normal. “There’s sea monsters out here and everything.”
“Sea monsters!” cried Knut. “Excellent!”
Who would have thought they would be able to travel the Norwegian Sea, scare an old toothless sea monster almost to death, steal treasure from under the nose of a broccoli-loving dragon, and still be back in time for supper?

Use your child’s bedroom layout, objects in the room and what you know about the characters to build an adventure story. What could go wrong for the Viking Kids? And how could their unique talents and quirky personalities get them out of these sticky situations? Let your imaginations run wild and have fun with it. Only happy endings allowed. That’s a Viking rule, you know.
July 21, 2016 by gianimo team
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