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Princesses of Roomania

It was a Tuesday, which means Tidy-Up-Day in Roomania.
So King Bumblebutter the 3rd (and a half) was, again, ordering his six daughters to clean up the kingdom. This was not their favorite thing to do and as usual they had very good excuses for not doing it.

“No matter,” said the King in his squeaky little voice. “Sir Bubblelot de Bathroom is coming to clean the kingdom. He has promised, on his honor, that by nightfall there will be no more dust bunnies or must mites. No clutter or clatter. No soot or socks.  No fidgets or widgets or even dirty wall dragons left in the kingdom.”

 “But Doris the Dragon is my friend!” wails Princess Penny.
“Then you should find some cleaner friends,” scowls the King.

This makes Princess Penny furious … furious as only a little ginger princess can be. Picking up Tingle, the royal hedgehog, Penny stomps out of the castle.

“I’m not going to let Doris be tidied up!” she cries.  “I must go rescue her!”
“Of course you must.” say her sisters. “And we’re all coming with you!”

So begins a rollicking rescue mission to foil Sir Bubblelot’s squeaky-clean plans and save the lovely Doris. Over the Wardrobe Mountains, under beds, through fields of dust bunnies, the princess must boldly (and beautifully) go.

Use your child’s bedroom layout, objects in the room and what you know about the characters to build an adventure story. What could go wrong for the princesses? And how could their unique talents and quirky personalities get them out of these sticky situations? Let your imaginations run wild and have fun with it. Remember, being a fairytale, only happy endings are allowed.
February 18, 2016 by gianimo team