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A Trip to the Ooz

Ooz trip! Yay! Who doesn’t like to “go in” for an amazing adventure in the enclosed surroundings of a room with walls, door and even windows?

Mr. Rus greeted his science class that morning with the good news. “Our Ooz trip is approved by the
principal! We are going to observe an amazing creature in its natural habitat”.

All the little animals are very excited. They know a lot about children already, but that was only from books and films. This time they are going to see real children, playing in front of their eyes - in an Ooz! And these children are so cute; you just want to hug them!

But, in the middle of the trip, Mr Russ suddenly finds that he’s lost half the class! “Oh dear, the school will be upset…” he thinks.

Bim, Bam and Bosh are running riot, Harper has hopped away to take the perfect picture and Sami has gone to sleep somewhere… again.

And where are Reggie, Hilda and Oliver?

Mr Rus, Martin, Maloney and Penelope must strike out in search for them. Meanwhile, the lost students are trying to find their way back to the bus, with many perils, panics and peanut shells in between

Use your child’s bedroom layout, objects in the room and what you know about the characters to build an adventure story. What could go wrong for the Pupils? How could their unique talents and quirky personalities get them out of these sticky situations? And what could they learn along the way? Let your imaginations run wild and have fun with it. Remember, all the pupils must be back on the bus before bedtime, or Mr. Rus will be terribly upset.
May 09, 2016 by gianimo team
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