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Sock Monsters

When Granny Yarn, the wrinkliest sock monster in Under-The-Bed-Town, gathered all the young
sock monsters together for a bedtime story, little did she know how much trouble it would cause.  
She opened her great book of legends to the very last tale, and told a story she hadn’t told for a very long time. It was the legend of Draweria – a mythical land where bright clean socks are laid in pairs – as many as a sock monster could ever eat. Stripy ones and spotty ones, frilly ones and fluffy ones – Draweria had them all!

The young sock monsters drooled at the thought. “Wow,” gasped William. “Can we go there?”
“Of course not” said MathU. “It’s just a story. It’s highly improbable it even exists.”
“Let’s go anyway!” cried Yum and Mee. “No-one is going anywhere tonight!” said Granny Yarn. “Goodnight little monsters.” she blew them kisses and turned off the light.
But the little sock monsters were too excited to sleep.

“Frilly socks,” sighed Lola, “I’ve always wanted to be frilly.”

Here, we should probably explain that whenever a sock-monster gobbles up a sock, they immediately take on the appearance of the sock they have just eaten.

Boo, is all inside-out and smelly after eating a dirty old sock by mistake. “I think we should leave
immediately.” He said.

“Me Too!” said one of Molly’s heads. “Me Three!” said the other.
And so they all set out with only the words of Granny Yarn’s book to guide them.

Through the valley of the toys,
Go towards the tick-tock noise.
Cross the rug a mile wide,
Climb the cupboard’s slippery side.
And when peggies come in site,
Don’t let them give you a fright.

Use your child’s bedroom layout, objects in the room and what you know about the characters to build an adventure story to find the mythical land of Draweria. Think about what mishaps could befall the little
sock-monsters? And how could their unique talents and quirky personalities get them out of these sticky situations? Let your imaginations run wild and have fun with it. Remember, Granny Yarn will get worried if they’re not back by the morning, so they better hurry!

June 16, 2016 by gianimo team