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Sticker Story Sets

A Space for Stories

g!animo is about bringing together charming design and imaginative storytelling to let you create a joyful space where your child feels surrounded by friends. A revolution in decoration, g!animo transforms your child’s bedroom into a fantastical three-dimensional storybook. Our unique, beautifully designed characters use the walls and furniture as the backdrop to act out unlimited adventures, inspiring you and your child to stretch your imaginations and make-believe countless bedtime stories together.

A Story that Sticks!

Each g!animo adventure pack contains a full cast of character wall-stickers, props and background elements, all carefully designed to create a stunning harmonizing colour scheme for your child’s room. These self-adhesive decals can be stuck on any flat surface and repositioned at any stage without damaging the material beneath. Most importantly, the pack will introduce you to each quirky character and provide you with ideas to start you off on your first storytelling adventure.


g!animo blog

The ViKids

The ViKids

How many times had Knut’s dad, Rurik Redbeard, told him not to play on the clan’s longboat? “This boat is a ruthless war machine, not a playground for kids!”
July 21, 2016 by gianimo team
Meet Nibblerson

Meet Nibblerson

This fat, fearless mouse is Knut’s faithful companion on all his adventures, especially if there’s a possibility of sandwiches along the way...
July 18, 2016 by gianimo team
Meet Rurik Redbeard

Meet Rurik Redbeard

Big bearded, big-hearted and generally big all over, Rurik Redbeard rules the Crotchety Clan of Vikings. Famous throughout the land for his sword skills and breakfast eating ability...
July 14, 2016 by gianimo team